A Culinary Journey with Joseph Mercieca

Unveiling the Story of Country Terrace in Mgarr Gozo: A Culinary Journey with Joseph Mercieca

Nestled in the heart of Mgarr Harbour, in Gozo, Country Terrace stands as a testament to Joseph Mercieca’s lifelong passion for the culinary world. We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Joseph to delve into the roots of his restaurant, his unwavering dedication, and the unique experience he’s crafted for his guests.

A Vision Ignited:

Joseph’s journey in the hospitality industry ignited when he was just 14 years old. Starting from the bottom, he worked his way up from washing plates to waiting tables. This journey unearthed his fervour for catering, leading him to positions at renowned establishments like Kartell and Mermaid restaurant. He found his niche, his passion, and a vision to create something extraordinary.

Country Terrace, a dream nurtured over the years, welcomed its first guests on 18th March 2005. Joseph’s vision for the restaurant was clear: to introduce a range of cuisines and dishes that would elevate the culinary scene. With time, dedication, and the collaboration of leading chefs, Country Terrace emerged as an extraordinary dining haven.

The Culinary Concept:

What sets Country Terrace apart is not just the cuisine but the entire experience. Perched atop Mgarr Harbour, the restaurant boasts exclusivity that makes guests feel they’re part of something exceptional. The breathtaking view, combined with an intimate ambiance, turns every corner of the terrace into a unique dining experience. From romantic dinners to grand celebrations, Country Terrace offers an unforgettable setting.

Joseph’s dedication to excellence extends beyond the kitchen. He invested in refining his knowledge, earning a master’s degree in management. This commitment to growth empowers him to steer Country Terrace towards unmatched heights.

A Symphony of Flavours:

Country Terrace’s menu is a testament to Joseph’s quest for culinary brilliance. Signature dishes like tuna tartare and an array of raw fish showcase his penchant for exquisite creations. The rack of lamb and beef wellington promise an explosion of flavours that linger long after the meal.

Crafting Memories:

Creating a memorable atmosphere is central to Country Terrace’s ethos. A live guitarist graces the restaurant twice a week, infusing the air with enchanting melodies. Looking forward, winter will bring special cuisine nights and food and wine pairings, elevating the experience even further.

Rooted in Community:

Joseph’s commitment to quality extends to sourcing ingredients. Country Terrace proudly supports local farmers and suppliers, prioritising local produce and eco-friendly materials.

A Lasting Impression:

Country Terrace under Joseph’s guidance is more than a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of a culinary dream. With its panoramic views, exceptional cuisine, and welcoming ambience, it’s a destination that resonates with the heart of every guest.

Visit Country Terrace, where Joseph Mercieca’s passion for culinary excellence creates not just meals, but memories.

Explore Country Terrace:https://www.country-terrace.com/

For Reservations: Call +356 21550248

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