When Every Bite Tells A Story: Hammett’s Monastik – A Definitive(ly) Good Guide Spotlight.

“When Every Bite Tells A Story: Hammett’s Monastik” – A Definitive(ly) Good Guide Spotlight.

As Malta luxuriates in the embrace of a sun-drenched summer, with a coastline that shimmers and the Mediterranean casting shades of azure, Hammett’s Monastik stands as a gastronomic sanctuary that seamlessly combines age-old traditions with contemporary elegance.

Amidst Malta’s captivating summer allure, the Hammett’s Collection curates immersive tasting adventures in atmospheres exuding both energy and tranquillity. Dive into the nuances of Asian flavours at Hammett’s Gastro Bar, traverse a gastronomic trail from Mexico to Patagonia at Hammett’s Mestizo, and within the warm confines of Hammett’s  Monastik, immerse yourself in Maltese ingredients reinterpreted through a Northern European lens. Each venue is a testament to Hammett’s culinary prowess, ensuring every visit becomes a sensory exploration.

Dining at Hammett’s Monastik is akin to a voyage through time. Mirroring the age-old practices from monastery kitchens, the dishes are a tribute to the tradition of preserving the best of summer’s offerings. This culinary approach allows patrons to partake in tales of yesteryears, experiencing stories rich with heritage.

The ethos of “local” finds its true embodiment here. Every morsel consumed is a celebration of the partnership with local farmers who champion sustainable, pesticide-free methods. Each bite feels as if it’s been curated, bringing the essence of Malta directly to the table.

At Hammett’s Monastik, one’s palate is invited to rediscover meat. Beyond the conventional cuts, the menu delves deep into the authentic, rekindling a love for the rustic and traditional, a nod to times when every piece of an animal was revered and cherished.

The vision? A fervent commitment to 100% organic meat, underlining the principles of respect, sustainability, and a nose-to-tail philosophy. Each sourced piece tells a tale, ensuring nothing is taken for granted.

Behind the perfectly tender beef is a dedication to dry aging. Over the course of a month, this process concentrates flavours and ensures melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, making every bite a gastronomic delight.

Hammett’s Monastik beckons you to partake in its offerings. From Monday to Thursday, doors remain open from 17.00 to 00.00, extending a warm welcome from 12.00 to 00.00 on weekends. And for those seeking a spirited indulgence, half-price moments await with draught beer, prosecco, and cocktails, giving evenings a touch of merriment.

Yet, the culinary tale is expansive, with Hammett’s Monastik being a gleaming chapter in the vibrant anthology of Hammett’s Collection. Whether you’re charmed by the exoticism of Hammett’s Gastro Bar or lured by the eclectic spread at Hammett’s Mestizo, the journey promises to be as enthralling as the destinations themselves.

With such a captivating array of culinary experiences, it’s no surprise that the Hammett’s Collection consistently shines at our Definitive(ly) Good Guide awards. And remember, it’s accolades like these that are voted for by discerning diners like you.



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