Farewell to Summer: Celebrate the Season’s End at Atrio

As summer begins to bow its head, many of us may find that the usual summertime activities have lost some of their shine. Another day at the beach? Perhaps not. But if there’s one thing we locals never tire of, it’s indulging in exceptional food and drink. For that evergreen delight, Atrio Restaurant has you covered, offering something for every occasion—whether you’re planning a meet-up with friends, a business dinner, or a group event.

All-Day Dining: A Gastronomic Tour de Force

Atrio ensures that you can dine in style, whatever the time. Their all-day dining menu serves up an exquisite array of Italian and Mediterranean dishes. If you’re a late riser, fear not; brunch is served from 10:30 am to 2 pm. The only difficulty you’ll have is deciding whether to sit inside or opt for the wonderful views on offer from their outdoor seating.

Peruse the complete all-day dining menu here

Afternoon Tea: Where Leisure Meets Luxury

The idea of cooler days on the horizon has its own kind of charm. It’s almost like the weather is giving us a nudge to revisit those cherished indoor gatherings. And when it comes to quality time with friends, few things fit the bill as perfectly as an afternoon tea session. It’s that perfect blend of relaxation and conversation that turns a regular afternoon into something special. As the seasons change, it’s the little traditions like this that make us look forward to what’s next.

If it’s elegance you’re after, look no further than Atrio’s afternoon tea. Available every day from 12:00 hrs until 17:30 hrs, there are four unique menus to choose from—classic, vegetarian, gluten-free, and Nib N’ Boo—alongside a tailored selection for children. Whether you choose the pot of tea or the local beer tasting board, these menus, designed for two, offer a splendid opportunity to slow down and truly catch up with loved ones.

Discover more about the afternoon tea offerings here

Lobster Menu: A Seafood Sensation

Fancy a bit of the extraordinary? Atrio’s lobster menu is nothing short of culinary artistry. Featuring four distinct dishes that spotlight lobster in all its glory, it’s an absolute must for anyone who revels in first-rate seafood.

As we say our farewells to the summer of this year, why not leave a lasting impression?

Atrio Lobby Bar & Restaurant offers more than just a meal; it offers an experience. From its myriad dining options and laid-back yet luxurious atmosphere to the top-tier lobster offerings, Atrio provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying life’s finer things.

And let’s face it, as the days begin to shorten, there’s no better way to seize the moment than by enjoying a sumptuous meal in a local favourite. Cheers to that!


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