Hammett’s Gastro Bar: Where Social Dining Meets Asian Flavours in Sliema

Here at The Definitive(ly) Good Guide, we take pride in keeping you up-to-date with your favourite venues around the island, and one establishment consistently topping the charts is Hammett’s Gastro Bar in Sliema. Love Asian food, enjoy a sociable dining atmosphere, and adore innovative culinary delights? Then hold your chopsticks, because Hammett’s Gastro Bar is the venue you’ve been waiting for! 

Located along the scenic Tigne Seafront in Sliema, Hammett’s Gastro Bar isn’t just a restaurant—it’s an experience. A city-inspired, social dining-bar experience, to be precise. What sets it apart? A menu that defies categorisation: it’s a vivid tapestry of colours, influences, and flavours that takes your palate on an odyssey through Asia.

At Hammett’s, the drinks are just as thoughtfully curated as the food. The bar offers a treasure trove of Asian-inspired beers, unique spirits, and an extensive gourmet cocktail list that plays in perfect harmony with the vibrant menu. These cocktails are no ordinary mixes—they’re crafted with homemade syrups, fresh fruits, and a dose of imagination, ensuring that each sip is a journey in its own right.

Shared Plates for Shared Moments

The concept of ‘plates-to-share’ isn’t just a culinary decision; it’s a philosophy. Spearheaded by the new Nepalese Head Chef, Devendra Mahato, Hammett’s encourages diners to engage in closeness and camaraderie. Here, you don’t merely eat—you celebrate, you connect, and you create fond memories over an array of dishes ranging from dim sum to curries and hot stone rice.

Seasonal Menu: A New Favourite Every Time!

Just when you think you’ve tasted it all, Hammett’s dishes out a new seasonal menu. Crafted around fresh local produce, each visit promises a new favourite waiting to be discovered. That’s culinary adventure redefined!

Make an Event of It

Considering hosting a special event? Look no further. From birthdays to anniversaries, Hammett’s is more than happy to play host. Reach out to them at [email protected] for more details.

To add that cherry on top, Hammett’s offers a range of promotions:

  • Happy Hour: Mon-Thur, 17:00 – 19:00 & Fri-Sun, 15:00 – 19:00
  • Dim Sum Wednesday: Every Wednesday from 17:00 onwards
  • Weekend Brunch: Sat & Sun, 11:00 – 14:00

During happy hours, you can even indulge in their bar bites menu at half the price!

Whether it’s the shared meal format, the diverse menu, or the perfectly paired cocktails, Hammett’s Gastro Bar in Sliema is a culinary wonderland where eating is an event and each visit is a new adventure.

So, when are you booking your table?

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For reservations, call +356 2134 4955 or visit them at 33/34 Tigne Seafront, Sliema SLM 3011. Cheers to that!


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