Order the Malta Baby & Kids Directory 2021/2022- 14th edition


Order the 14th edition of The Malta Baby & Kids Directory 2021/2022 and discover how much easier parenting chores can be with some assistance from your favourite parenting guide- leaving you plenty of time for fun!

Following on the success of our new format, this year we are once again publishing the same categories for our 14th edition of The Malta Baby & Kids Directory 2021/2022 The sections we feel are most relevant to new parents are those which are often referred to by our readers in the printed edition & are now being exclusively featured in our popular annual publication. Check out Schools in Malta, What’s new on the market to assist pregnant mothers in our Pregnancy & Birth category, let a whole new world open up to you with our Days Out suggestions, keep updated with the latest trends in our Health category, let our Childcare section allow you to take a break & let our General Advice section guide you through the baby bureaucracy