Why advertise with us?

www.restaurantsmalta.com is the most authoratative restaurant website on the Maltese Island and is rated number one on major search engines for restaurants in Malta.

The site carries the best content and the only objective reviews available taken from The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta & Gozo. It is the only website to have 100% original content relevant to restaurants in Malta and not found elsewhere.

Unlike general websites such as Times of Malta and Di-ve, visitors to restaurantsmalta.com are specialised, regular diners looking for high quality places to eat out. This means advertising is not wasted, but highly focused on this niche.

The site is consistently updated daily with news and events.

restaurantsmalta.com maintains the only comprehensive mailing list – over 15,000 member emails.  These members enjoy dining and eat out regularly. When one of our restaurants sends out an email mailshot to our members, the restaurant is typically flooded with bookings.

It is the only site offering an extensive range of facilities and services relating to restaurants in Malta. This new site will feature an amazing range of facilities aimed to encourage members to use the website as a regular resource including:

  • All the information from the book including restaurant contact information and restaurant review.
  • A Google map with restaurants locations
  • An extensive restaurant search facility in various categories
  • Special offers on offer at restaurants
  • News & Events regarding restaurants
  • Visitors will be able to leave comments on restaurants
  • Visitors will be able to participate in our annual restaurant survey online
  • The facility for visitors to book a table online at the restaurants
  • Monthly newsletter with Malta Restaurant News
  • The ability for visitors to buy the books from the shop
  • We are connected to social media and have our own facebook and instagram page

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We would be happy to discuss your further requirements and assist in your marketing strategy in relation to www.restaurantsmalta.com and the Guide. Please call on +356 21802383 or +356 99451690. Click to download our full rate card.