The Colin Best award for theTop Overall Restaurant In Malta & Gozo 2024

The Colin Best award recognises this year’s Top Overall highly rated restaurant.


This award is dedicated to the memory of Colin Best 24.01.1942 – 24.02.2013

Colin Best, co-founder of the Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants together with Lisa Grech, realised 23 years ago that an objective restaurant guide was required on the islands if one was going to eat out well. Having researched the best formula for Malta, it was decided that a survey-based restaurant guide was the way forward, since restaurants would be rated by their patrons. This would keep the guide objective, while the survey and awards would assist in improving restaurants on the islands, since restaurant owners would have something to work towards. Over the years, the top rated restaurants receive awards recognising their hard work and continual investment into their product.


Winner of the Colin Best Top Overall Restaurant in Malta & Gozo 2024 Award