Blue Elephant

"Wonderful ambience and delicious food. Our experience took us right to the heart of Thailand."

Located in Malta’s 5-star Hilton Hotel, the Blue Elephant remains a popular choice for special occasions and romantic dining. You’ll be transported to a tropical rainforest complete with rambling pathways and picturesque wooden bridges over bubbling streams filled with colourful fish. The welcoming, ever-courteous and efficient staff in authentic Thai garb, glide about softly whilst serving the guests with a smile. The menu offers Royal Thai cuisine, which traces its history back to the cosmopolitan palace cuisine of the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

Besides specialty set menus, there is an extensive à la carte menu featuring traditional curries as well as select dishes including dim sim (steamed parcels of minced pork, shrimps and crab meat) served in a bamboo basket, pla salmon paow khamin (fillet of salmon marinated in Thai herbs and wrapped in banana leaves), ped phad khing (stir-fried marinated duck breast with ginger, onions, mushrooms and exotic soy sauce), and from the vegetarian menu, tow-ho yang (strips of marinated bean curd served with a cucumber and peanut sauce). The spicier dishes are highlighted with little elephants; the more elephants, the hotter it is. Fresh herbs, fruits and flowers are flown in regularly each week to complement the authenticity of each dish.

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2023 Ratings

Food: 42
Service: 42
Ambience: 43
Overall: 42

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Mon-Sun - Dinner
€56 average price per person.


Hilton, Vjal Portomaso, Paceville, St. Julian's

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