Blue Elephant Restaurant

"A classic restaurant", with a "variety to choose from".

The diner who has seen and tasted it all can be hard to impress. If you yearn for an inimitable experience, you will find it at the Blue Elephant. Prepare to be carried away on a dreamy voyage to breathtaking eastern kingdoms rich in history, vibrant colours, unique architecture and unforgettable flavours. Attired in impeccably pressed uniforms, the staff attend to their guests with dignified elegance. Their expertise and mannerisms speak to many years of professional service, devotion to their patrons, and respect towards the heritage they represent.

Blue Elephant specialises in Royal Thai cuisine. The à la carte section is a feast of enticing dishes, while the set menus offer varied and exciting gustatory paths to explore, especially for those unfamiliar with the cuisine. The steamed dim sum parcels of minced pork, shrimps, and crab meat are a delightful interplay of texture and flavour. Refined and powerful, Thailand’s famous Tom Yam Talay spicy seafood bouillon lights up the palate with perfectly balanced sharpness and warmth. From the south of Thailand, Blue Elephant’s signature Massaman lamb curry in coconut milk, with potatoes and roasted cashew nuts, traces its origins back four hundred years to Thailand’s very own royal family. For dessert, the passion fruit cake topped with roasted almond flakes, vanilla ice-cream and mango fruit is sheer bliss.

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2024 Ratings

Food: 41
Service: 41
Ambience: 44
Overall: 42

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Mon-Sun - dinner.
€54 average price per person.


Hilton Malta, Portomaso, St. Julian's

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