Caviar & Bull

"Really nice atmosphere" with "fantastic" food.

A culinary masterpiece, Caviar & Bull continues to be the zenith of modern Mediterranean cuisine in Malta. Its understated elegance and casual sophistication create an air of ease through a harmonious blend of contemporary design elements and intricate attention to detail, which are complemented by unparalleled service. This gastronomic opera is orchestrated by none other than Marvin Gauci, a luminary in the Maltese culinary scene. His vision for Caviar & Bull extends beyond just food; it’s about curating an atmosphere where every experience is unforgettable.

Caviar & Bull is best enjoyed as a “shared-dish” experience. Start with a Journey of Caviar, a masterfully-curated selection of premium caviar served with condiments. This pairs beautifully with a light and fresh Don Gauci Sauvignon Blanc, which accentuates the rich flavours of the sea with its tropical fruit aromas. Follow up with the Tartare Collection, featuring an ensemble of tuna, Black Angus beef, Atlantic salmon, and plant-based tartares, complemented by crunchy savoury cones. Next, cleanse your palate with a delightful molecular sphere. Mains span a broad palette of culinary gems, but Marvin’s Bull & Caviar signature dish, featuring Black Angus fillet with toasted brioche, Kaluga caviar, and port gel, warrants special praise. Conclude in unique fashion with the honey semifreddo with Gozitan honey, peach gel, brandy snaps and “spiced soil”.

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  1. Eccellente

    Ottimo ambiente, servizio professionale discreto ed efficiente, cucina di qualità con ottima scelta dei vini.

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2024 Ratings

Food: 48
Service: 47
Ambience: 48
Overall: 48

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Mon-Sun - dinner.
€76 average price per person.


Corinthia Hotel, Ix-Xatt ta' San Gorg, St. Julian's

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