Back for the Summer Season: Bacchus’s Secret Garden

It might be dark and gloomy at the moment, but the sun is right around the corner, and I’m sure we’re all longing to be basking in the summer heat. One thing we’re looking forward to is a mouthwatering meal in the open air, which is why we can’t wait for Bacchus’s Secret Garden to open in a few weeks for a wonderful al fresco dining experience.

Tables and chairs set up in Bacchus's Secret Garden

Situated in an alley in the picturesque city of Mdina, stepping into Bacchus is like taking a trip back to the past. The centuries-old building, with its solid stone walls and stately halls, is the perfect spot to feel enchanted whilst enjoying a delicious Mediterranean meal.

But, here’s a tip!

Walk all the way through to the back of the restaurant, and you will find the spectacular Secret Garden, where you can try their Local Prawns out in the sun or indulge in their Irish Beef Fillet under the stars. With breathtaking views over the city’s walls, this secluded area will help you appreciate true beauty and serenity.

Plate of spaghetti with prawns

With spring in full swing and the summer months creeping closer, Bacchus’s Secret Garden should certainly be on your radar. So pull out your calendars and prepare to book a table for an al fresco dining experience you will never forget!

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