Cent’Anni Bistro & Wine Bar

"A relaxed place for dining" that boasts an "incredible ambience".

Meandering around the little streets and alleys of the quaint village of Gharghur, you come across this gastronomic treasure: Cent’Anni. This bistro and wine bar is steeped in legendary tales. As the name Cent’Anni (a hundred years) implies, it was in operation for more than a century serving drinks as the locals’ bar. The present owners took it over some years ago and transformed it into a vibrant contemporary eatery. The old features were retained whilst a flurry of eclectic art was added, such as posters and even some vintage advertising material from the old bar. Set on two floors with a captivating central courtyard, the place provides seating in all nooks of the old house. At Cent’Anni you can feel the passion that is connected to the bistro’s design.

This passion is all-pervasive, as can be noted from the food on offer which abounds in flavours, with choice ingredients making it all fresh and light. The menu changes regularly with platters, tarts, and cheese combinations that sound, smell, look, and taste delicious. The pasta selection is delightful, with the pasta cooked just as any Italian would demand. If the local prawns are available, do choose them, in a pasta dish or in whatever way they are presented, as they are a delicate and particular treat. Cent’Anni has an extensive wine list from their own bodega, which adds a wonderful touch to this remarkable eatery.

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2024 Ratings

Food: 42
Service: 43
Ambience: 43
Overall: 43

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Mon-Sat - dinner. Sun closed all day.
€57 average price per person.


48, Triq Mons. Luigi Catania, Gharghur

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