ION Harbour

"A treat for a special occasion in a place with views to die for." "A real treat! Has a way of making you feel truly special."

ION Harbour by Alex Dilling is an exquisite experience where food, service and ambience come together in a graceful ensemble of sensory delight. With two-Michelin-star virtuoso chef Alex Dilling at its helm, ION Harbour claimed its first Michelin star in 2021. At ION, every element is designed to highlight and exalt the diner’s experience. During lunchtime, the spacious terrace offers breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour in all its charm. White linen and a turquoise- themed palette complement the rich blue of the Maltese sea below. During dinnertime, elegant yet unobtrusive décor and subdued lighting create an atmosphere of intimacy and privacy.

The menu at Ion Harbour is a true testament to Chef Dilling’s commitment to excellence. Every course is a study in unique taste, texture interplay, colour and composition, and culinary craftsmanship. the seasonal line-caught lampuki dish with cucumber, dill and smoked cream excites the palate with its delicate texture and sharp, contrasting flavours. The Hunter chicken with albufera sauce is a jewel of architectural cuisine, revealing a multi-layered assembly that is stunning to behold and delightful to savour. The masterfully-curated wine list features top vintages from around the world, as well as locally. Tainori chocolate with sourdough, Gozo sea salt and caramel concludes this medley with an explosion of tastes that will linger in your memory for months.

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2023 Ratings

Food: 46
Service: 43
Ambience: 48
Overall: 46

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3,557 diners who dined out on an average of 1- 2 times a week-

277,446 dining experiences in a year.

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Additional Note:

Mon-Sun - Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
€175 average price per person.


11, St. Barbara Bastions, Valletta

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