OBI – Japanese Fusion

An "amazing" restaurant that will have you feeling "like royalty".

Obi, in Japanese, is a large sash used in traditional Japanese clothing for women. The obi is wrapped around the woman’s waist over the Kimono. The restaurant emulates this elegance, through its design, décor and food. It is a contemporary fusion set in a lounge bar environment. As you enter, from the vibrant St Julian’s outside, you are transported to Japan by the stunning traditional landscape scenes and beautiful ceramic vases – and yet there is also a cosmopolitan city vibe at the same time. The lighting gives the perfect ambience. The tables are placed in a way so as to respect the diners’ space. The chilled music and fabulous attention from the staff prepares you for the superb choice of dishes.

OBI specialises in upscale Japanese contemporary Asian fusion. Sharing platters are recommended but one can also order on an individual basis. There are many vegetarian and vegan options, and the food is presented in an exquisite manner. From the Spicy Dim Sum Volcano Rolls and the tasty oysters to the mouthwatering signature sashimi platters and – a favourite – the Miso Black Cod, which melts in your mouth, it is safe to say that the choices are many. There is a wide selection of meat dishes, too, from the divine mini tacos, the beef and vegetable curry, and the delicious Bang Bang Chicken Noodles. To end your meal, one must try the delicious Japanese ice-cream dessert.

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2024 Ratings

Food: 44
Service: 43
Ambience: 43
Overall: 43

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Once a month.

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Mon-Sun - dinner.
€44 average price per person.


Triq Ball, Paceville, St Julian's

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