Ta’ Victor Restaurant

Patrons are "impressed" with the "very good Maltese food".

Ta’ Victor boasts genuine Maltese cuisine. Chef Patron Victor is passionate about his traditional artisanal cooking, which was taught to him by his mother and which he adheres to religiously. He has been in the business for thirty-five years and he is very eager for diners to have the authentic Maltese experience. The cosy restaurant displays walls of fame: numerous photos of Chef Victor with various distinguished guests eating at his establishment. There is ample outdoor seating in a large piazza – church square with unobstructed views of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea in the picturesque Marsaxlokk harbour.

Ta’ Victor has a special concept. There is no menu. For an all-inclusive price, diners are served a generous platter of sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, Bigilla – bean dip – and Galletti – water biscuits – broad beans, Gbejniet tal-bzar – peppered cheeselets and Maltese sausage. This is followed by the soup of the day. Try Kawlata – a thick and tasty vegetable stew with pork and lamb, followed by the daily pasta special. Enjoy chunky Rikotta Ravjul – ricotta ravioli – with dollops of homemade tomato sauce. Next choose from Bragioli – beef olives, lamb shanks, steamed fish such as Lampuki, and many more. For dessert, enjoy traditional local ice-cream made with sweetened condensed milk and filled with candied peel and slivered almonds. Wash it all down with traditional Maltese coffee flavoured with anisette, chicory, cloves and Sambuca if you wish!

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2024 Ratings

Food: 44
Service: 43
Ambience: 44
Overall: 44

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Tue-Sat - dinner and lunch. Sun - lunch. Mon closed all day.
€33 average price per person.


Misrah Madonna ta' Pompei, Marsaxlokk

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