The Fork and Cork

"Dining here was an experience not just a dinner! Excellent setting for a romantic date."

Personable Chef patron Carl remains loyal to Rabat’s prime culinary destination on Saqqajja’s flagstone steps. The typical Maltese townhouse has transformed into intimate dining rooms on the upper level. A statement chandelier, true to its namesake, marries forks dangling prettily surrounded by inverted glassware to magical effect. Downstairs dine under wooden beams, where luxurious leather chairs and rich, parquet flooring create an intimate setting. Outdoors an oversize fork and cork motif signal your arrival at this choice pick. Unparalleled views of the valley astound. Thick, crisp linen tablecloths and heavy, top grade silverware hold to their promise of a fine dining experience.

A surprise tasting menu, championing local, awaits the adventurous diner. Feast your eyes on burrata, tomato and watermelon salad contrasted beautifully against the matt black platter. Dive into the smoothest silky mushroom soup, accompanied by an irresistibly crunchy sourdough. Sea bass risotto, topped with pangrattato, bursts with preserved lemon flavour. Marmite glazed octopus, accompanied by variations of beetroot, showcase umami taste. Resistance to the viscous butterscotch and chocolate tart, topped with a fine cocoa cracker with meltingly smooth milk ice-cream is futile. Wine pairing is best left to the experts as the vast wine list attests.

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2023 Ratings

Food: 46
Service: 42
Ambience: 41
Overall: 43

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3,557 diners who dined out on an average of 1- 2 times a week-

277,446 dining experiences in a year.

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Mon & Wed-Fri - Dinner. Sat - Lunch and Dinner. Tue and Sun closed all day
€61 average price per person.


20, Telgha tas-Saqqajja, Rabat

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