Trabuxu Bistro

"A must visit when in Valletta! Love everything about this wine bar. Very good selection of cheeses and wine."

Trabuxu’s warm rich hues and eclectic décor grab your attention the minute you step through the front door. Deep red walls, an authentic dark hardwood floor, large colourful portrait paintings on display, antique signs, small gilded mirrors, busts of past venue owners, an open wine cellar and lots more, offer a feast for your eyes while your taste buds feast on the spectacular food. You can also choose to kick start or wind down your meal with a glass of wine at the equally attractive Trabuxu Wine Bar just around the corner.

Trabuxu Bistro offers an original Mediterranean cuisine menu that changes every three months. For starters try the baked goat cheese brie with honey, rosemary and pistacchio, or the chicken liver parfait with homemade chutney and toast. Linguine with zucchine and prawns cooked in garlic, prawn bisque is a great lunch option. Mains include braised beef cheeks with celeriac and horseradish purée, and the lamb rump with crispy sweatbreads, onion and anchoy purée. Fresh fish of the day is also available. Innovative sides include petite salad with roasted chickpeas as well as roasted root vegetables. End the feast with a delicious homemade fig and cinnamon ice-cream, or rich chocolate gateau. A wonderful wine list is on offer.

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2023 Ratings

Food: 41
Service: 42
Ambience: 42
Overall: 42

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 3,557 diners who dined out on an average of 1- 2 times a week-

277,446 dining experiences in a year.

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Mon-Fri - Lunch and Dinner. Sat - Dinner. Sun - closed all day
€58 average price per person.


8/9, Triq Nofsinhar, Valletta

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