Vecchia Napoli Imriehel

Patrons state that the "pizza is delicious" and the staff is "very nice".

Vecchia Mapoli in Mrieħel is a spacious and comfortable restaurant located in the old Farsons brewery. The surroundings at Vecchia Napoli make you feel as if you are in Naples, the very city where pizza came from, eating Neapolitan pizza as it should be baked and presented. The outside area is busy enough to make it interesting but still conducive to relaxing while taking in the surroundings. The interior with visuals reminiscent of Naples adds to the feeling of enjoying a meal inside the Italian city. The bar is well stocked. Watching your pizza being tossed, then baked in a wood-burning oven, even if seen a thousand times, always makes it mouth-wateringly enticing.

There’s more than just pizza at Vecchia Napoli, with food ranging from pasta to salads, grills, stews, and a variety of sweets. But the pizza does take centre stage and the old ways of making it have been perfectly retained. A thin base with a crispy but light and airy crust is what any pizzaiolo in Naples would have prepared from the time of Queen Margerita in 1889 to today. For a grand twist to all things traditional, the Pizza del Zio Giuliano is an explosive concoction of flavours, with garlic, anchovies, ricotta, and olive oil. At Vecchia Napoli even the pasta is reminiscent, in taste, flavour and texture, of a good place in Italy.

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2024 Ratings

Food: 40
Service: 41
Ambience: 39
Overall: 40

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Mon-Sun - lunch and dinner.
€49 average price per person.


Triq l-Imdina, Mriehel

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