Ocra – True Italian Tradition



Welcome to Ocra, a restaurant for everyone, nestled in the heart of Zebbug, where the tradition of Italian gastronomy intertwines with the cherished recipes passed down through loving grandmothers. The young team welcomes everybody with open arms to make you feel at home, because Ocra is home!

The name, inspired by the rich ochre hue of Maltese stone, is a tribute to the beautiful country that hosts the Italian team at Ocra and gives them the opportunity to express themselves to the fullest every day.

At Ocra, each dish is a labour of love, meticulously crafted from scratch using the finest ingredients.  With a varied menu including timeless classics such as Suppli or the home made Pappardelle and exquisite Pasta Carbonara finishing with Tiramisu’ della Nonna or Maritozzo, from the moment the raw materials enter the kitchen to the final presentation on your plate, every step is infused with love, memory, and tradition.

Beyond mere sustenance, Ocra is a celebration of passion, a symphony of flavours meant to be shared and savoured. Experience the magic of Ocra, where every meal feels like coming home.

Ocra Restaurant, Ħaz-Zebbug, Malta
   9991 1394

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