Carmen’s Bar

"A charming, unique setting upon the hidden

Tucked away in the little corner of heaven that is Għar Lapsi, Carmen’s is a tiny gem of a place. Being slightly off the beaten track, this rustic seaside restaurant is charmingly set on a slipway surrounded by fishing boats. The décor is purposefully modest so as not to distract from the picturesque surroundings. Sit on the platform across from the curious cave-like eatery and marvel at the backdrop of white boulders protruding from the shimmering sea. With the proprietor’s son in the kitchen and wife front-of-house, Carmen’s take on family-run is genuine. Bask in the pleasure of being served by people with such a passion for their business providing friendly, knowledgeable service. Make sure to book early if going on a weekend.

From the warm crusty loaves of Maltese bread to the local catch of the day cooked fresh and filleted at your table, freshness is the key ingredient. Dishes evolve around the palate of the restaurant’s clientele; a fine example being the calamari added to the popular fresh sea urchin and calamari pasta. The milky flesh of fresh lobster tossed with homemade pasta and plump juicy mussels melts in your mouth. Passionate about supporting local producers, Carmen offers a variety of niche Maltese wine from fledgling producers. The damage is soothed by the homemade sweets. At Carmen’s only the freshest ingredients make the grade and your only disappointment may be that your favourite dish has sold out!

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2023 Ratings

Food: 41
Service: 38
Ambience: 40
Overall: 40

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Fri-Mon - Lunch and Dinner. Tue, Wed, and Thu closed all day
€48 average price per person.


Limiti Ta' Siggiewi, Ghar Lapsi, Siggiewi

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