The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge

Patrons enjoy the "great food" paired with the "best view".

The Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge boasts the immense sky as its stunning ceiling and enjoys unobstructed views from two sides. Look out over ancient domed churches and a pointed steeple, historical buildings and the deep Mediterranean sea beyond. Part of the restaurant is roofed so the fantastic vistas of stormy weather can also be admired safely from behind glass sliding doors. A clear blue pool is the centrepiece of this striking restaurant and the trickling sound of water adds to the calming ambience. Elegant tables and comfortable chairs are strategically spread out all around the pool.

The Rooftop offers a succinct menu with a variety of choices. Tickle your taste buds with warm homemade buns and velvety hummus, then dig into the sharing platter: creamy burrata nestled in green herby sauce topped with a crunchy crispbread cap, tender beef sliders in freshly baked buns, soft vegetable and meat dumplings, and tasty beef carpaccio on flaky mille foglie pastry. Try pan-fried pheasant adorned with swirls of parsnip puree and carrot and ginger mash or taste crispy octopus tendrils slow cooked and then fried, accompanied by salsa verde, red beetroot puree and squid ink. Savour a colourful fresh side salad or delicious fries. Admire the stunning mix-and-match crockery, quality cutlery, and fine glassware. Enhance your dining experience with a pairing cocktail recommended on the menu and fine choice wines.

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2024 Ratings

Food: 45
Service: 46
Ambience: 48
Overall: 46

These ratings out of 50 are the results of our annual survey by 4,143 diners who dined out on an average of 1- 2 times a week-

323,154 dining experiences in a year.

Opening Times:

Afternoon Tea

Additional Note:

Mon-Sun - lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
€67 average price per person.


Level 7, The Embassy Valletta Hotel, 173, Strada Stretta, Valletta

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